We Had Such a Lovely Time

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The sunlight settles on the plants
Strewn across the floor amidst chunks of vase
Oh we had such a lovely time
Such a marvellous time last night
I clenched my teeth and faked a smile
To stop myself from spitting bile
I shrunk inside my coat
In my head I slit your throat
And you did the same to me
What a model of domestic harmony
Something must be wrong in my life
For me to have such thoughts
Ah yes it’s you - it’s fucking you
You woke me up with razorblades
I don’t much like these morning shaves
I kicked the television in
And you put out all the windows
It’s between me and you and the house
One of us three must be the first to go
Someone said that you’ve gone too far
Ah but I never liked that car
Now dear just give me your wrists
Oh you can’t resist
The sunlight settles on your face
I’m quite surprised it’s still in place
Amidst the chunks of masonry
It looks like some abstract art gallery
Oh and I should have run away
But I stayed, oh yes I stayed
Now I think we’re done
Oh we had such a lovely time
Such a marvellous time tonight
Oh will you remember me?
Will you remember me when I’ve gone?
Will you remember me
in casualty...