We Hiding

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You don't wear racist shirts
Don't you read forbidden contents
Betray your ideals
If you don't,
You will go to the jail
The Kingdom of liars,
the Herd of the brainwashed heads
Better looking around,
before they, they will find you!

In howling of sirens
You chase us
We trying to hide
The rides on the roads
Then police cars
Getting on our back
Are you sure, have no doubt,
that we are the danger for you
It gives you a pleasure:
to get us and crush us to down!
To down!
To down, down, down!
To down!

We hiding many times
But we never will fall

Arrested no reason
Welcome to state of the terror
When you hunting for us
Someone else
Killing the child
When you break our gigs,
someone maybe waiting for help
you are just miserable puppets,
in the enemy hands!

Enemy hands!
Enemy hands, hands, hands!
Enemy hands!

No screaming
No talking
No thinking