The O. C. Supertones

Welcome Home

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Well, It's time like these
And it's days like this that remind me I'm living in the wilderness,
And you dont know when trouble's gonna come you way
Or when God's gonna give or take it away.

This life,
This life is fleeting everything,
Everything's dyin',
But one day I'll awake,
All my problems and my sin,
THe won't mattter to me then,
"Son, welcome home."

The day doesnt guarantee to come again,
And life only promises that it will end,
And we all gotta stand before th Lord one day,
And I don't wanna die but i dont wanna stay down here
I feel like a stranger,
I know, I don't belong here,
I wanna run and I'll fall down at Jesus' feet and Lay.
I can't way to here him say,
"Son, welcome home."

But Im still here,
And im tired,
tired of sin and struggling,
tired of almost everthing
and sometimes,
small and cleam
i could swear that i could hear
angels voices in my ear sayin' welcome home.

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