Welcome to hell

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What do you want? To look and see?
Strong desires, cry from the cages
Things that we should rather hate
Will condemn the world to death

The lion looks idly to the left
Where stupid monkeys dance
Just like flies on the dead
The tiger won't touch chow
A cat is a decadent soul
Hades won't let it be
He rules here - the lord of captivity

Welcome to hell, Welcome to hell
where guests ain't received very well
Stay in hell, Stay in hell
Where desire envy deeds
Welcome to hell, Welcome to hell
We live ourselves in this mire
Hell is where we are - guess where
in front of or behind bars?

They bring you food every morning
You all eat, even though you don't want it
THESE are the pluses at the start
You know it all well 'cause you are smart
So take much as you can
But remember, immersed in the dark
There is a sign: Don't feed the damned

Autor(es): Chainsaw

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