Bic Runga

Welcome to My Kitchen

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Welcome to my kitchen, I will just about be dishin'
What as much as you can take
Scoop my heart into a plate
Step into the light and my eyes are opened wide
Let me flash at you a smile that I've been practising a while
As much as you can take

If I fall of the stage will you feel fully entertained?
Well I really don't mind if you're not listening
I could be myself, I could be somebody else
There's a million other people I'd rather be
But it's much, too much, too late

All welcome tonight
Hope you're feeling alright
I could be cornering myself
Out here in a daze
Don't believe what I say
I'm full of promises

I should be alone, you know I should have stayed at home
But these butterflies inside, they wanna take me for a ride
It's over pretty quickly
Still, it makes me feel quite sickly
And I hope that you don't mind you know I do this all the time
I often wonder why...


La la la la la hope you're feeling alright
All welcome tonight...hope you're feeling alright
Aaaaaaahhhh.... (AD LIB TO END)