Welcome To The Suck

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A soldier, a rebel?
Killing machine model
The signs show hate
No-one wants to see
'til they're blown away
We ain't bitchin' Punk

Disaster awaits...doomsday will come
all your worst dreams come true
Nightmare made flesh
They al...all shall die!

Welcome to the...suck

Born from rubble
Criminal generals laugh
It's chaos on high
Levels of reasoning deceased
Your honour's fucked

Just a biginning of what I call
Infliction: right upon
A wrapped heart drown in dark
Without direction, even hope
Locked-on inside his mind
While higher minds generate war
No distinction, negativity,
Unceasing joke

War...within wars
Death machine,
Again raging out of control
Hold to your guns
Face your enemies
The blood runs through your hands

Welcome to the suck!