Royce Da 5'9

We Live

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We live ladies, so fuck witha nigga like,--me
You not ready, to fuck with a nigga
Oh oh here he comes
Watch out now he'll chew you up
I know you gone here me come
I won't stop, now tell me who you are

[Verse 1]
I bet you never met nobody like this before
Same game that he grew back from '64
I might rob from a pimp just to give to his whores
I'm just one of the fourty thieves 'bout to get through this door
Take game from a nigga with game and make change
And meanwhile a clean house and take names
I'm a walking million dollar price
A talking billion dollars tight
Feelin' like some zillion dollar ice
I clown on fools
Dump these little rappers in the great lakes and tell 'em the crown don't move
Though you still ramble your lips I still hear you
Just examine your bitch my prints still near you
Once I talk to these hoes, they never talk back
Once they walk through these doors, they never walk back
Niggas better raise they weight, today they late
When Nickle-Nine raid they dates, the player haters..

We Live ladies
Don't you want to outdo my mind
We Live ladies
Never met no one like you in my life
We Live ladies
I know you gone see my coupe fly by
We Live ladies
Never met no one like you in my life

[Verse 2]
I know you wanna fuck with a nigga that's gangster
Get you to your room, get into your womb
Dig a deeper hole for you watch your face change
Your weight gain, large helmet, Milky Way vane
How long?
Long as the frame of a great dane
Take names that belongs in a frame bronze
I'm 'bout the hottest name cause the sun can't fall
You can't take your eye off yo

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