Altar Boys

We Love Jesus

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We're gonna sing it from the mountain tops
Let people know who we love
Sing it all over the land
Sing it hand in hand, yea
We come together in Jesus
We're here to glorify His name
Are you ashamed to say
We're not ashamed to say Yeah!! Yeah!!

We love Jesus yes we do
We love Jesus how about you
Yes we do, we love Him too
How about you!

Give it, give it, give it all you've got
Shout it out from the root tops
Give Him all the praise
Give Him everything, Oh yeah!!!
We'll tell the world that Jesus is real
We'll tell the world how we feel
You can sing with us
Come on and sing with us Yeah!! Yeah!!


Anytime you want Him, He's by your side, Yeah!
There's no reason to run and hide, No!
Give Him everything all the time Oh, Oh

Autor(es): Mike Stand