We're so alike (To my parents)

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Upon our two weary shoulders,
I am another burden for you.

As each day passed,
I've never seen a tear fall.

I remember the times when we walked holding hands,
those were the happiest times.
We were so young then.

Someday I'd be an adult too,
so you said I shouldn't interfere.

Still, you held me in your arms.

I miss those days, I love you.
We're so much alike.

The words i couldn't say before, I love you.
I want to give back to you so much.

When I'm an adult and have a child
of my own who resembles me,
will I be able to cover my tears
from them each day?

As the child gros up,
they'll trouble me too.

During those times,
I wonder if I could act as well as you did.

Now I know I made you worry
and sad, I'm sorry.

I miss those daus, I love you.
I'm really proud of you.

The words I couldn't say before, I love you.
I will say them now, I love you.

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