The Bolshoi

West of London Town

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Sounds good...mics sound good...alright

A 1,2,3,4,
I tell ya, one time back in the old west
Now that was the time where everybody knew
Where they going and what they were doing
I just wanted to know if you can still, can still
Get that sound, still get that sound of the old west

Everyone's looking out, looking for something new
There is still one old sound that still rings true
Out there upon the hill, out there upon the plain
You can still hear the cowboys sing again

Everyone knows what's done
Everyone knows that songs must still be sung

If you can see the big sky, if you can hear the call
Maybe you might just be west of London Town
That's London Town

West of London Town
West of London Town
West of London Town
West of London Town
Yippie Yie Yay
Up yer kilt

Autor(es): The Bolshoi