We The Mob

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[Verse 1 - Young Cash]
See, me dawg?
I'm trying to be on MTV, dawg.
But I ain't paid rent and haven't ate in weeks, dawg!
Sweet Tea Mob, we the hardest down south,
But it's hard to write lyrics when a nigga's lights out.
I'm Big Virgil, that's Light Skin, that's Big Uzi.
We become rap stars, and star in all the movies.
I'll have a mansion in the Hamptons by P-Diddy,
Got 500 million copies laughing at that nigga Fifty. (Ha ha!)
I'll be so rich, all my cars will be new ones, (will be new ones)
If I feel like it, might buy a couple humans. (couple humans)
Call Doela Man, tell him bring some weed around, (weed)
no more 5 dollar sacks, I buy 'em by the pound.
Graduate from Dickies and Chuck Taylor's, dawg, (Taylor's, dawg)
Now I wear Gucci suits and Alligators, dawg. (gators, dawg)
I might buy a house on Mars, now I know y'all jealous,
cause my homeboys like "How's Earth, fellas?"

[Chorus - T-Pain]
(We the mob)
We the thrillies, the truest and the realist
I'm the (?) got the (?) make this (?) motherfucker (We the mob)
We hustle, we grind and we solemnly swear
That never give a hoe a dime dime (We the mob)
Understand I'm the man where I'm from
I'mma rep my city 'til I'm done motherfucker (We the mob)

Autor(es): ,Young Cash

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