The Mission


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How the hell do you know that it's going to snow?
What are you now if you're not the weatherman?
and when our worlds collide and you take a side
what are you doing tonight 'cos we can be together man?
together forever man forever tonight

I feel a little bit giddy cos I think you're so pretty
and you can do what you want with me cos you've got me bound and
tethered man
together such a clever man I'm the whether the whether man
take me to your netherland together forever man

And I don't understand how you can say on the other hand
that all of this charade is planned and in advance
And how on earth can you believe that I would be so damn naive and so
easy to deceive with just a glance well not a chance what a song and

Are you furious I'm only curious?
hmm you're so vicious hit me with a feather man
together however man never say never man
together whatever man I'm the whether the whetherman
it's a plan