Big Tuck

We The Truth

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(Yeah....I know where them nigga's at....I ain't trippin' on no beef nigga', this how we do nigga' hurricane.)
[Chyuh Chyuh Chyuh Chyauh]

We ya see us you ganna know that we the truth
Gon be hanging out the window with them choppers on the roofs
We ain't playing ho
We ain't playing ho
Light out tip toein straight sprayin' ho

Ain't playin with you hoes not at all,
got the A.R. rippin through the brick wall,
Ima let it rip till this hoe has fallen
Got the red beam on ya whole team dawg,
When them same niggas try and run up in my trap,
First nigga through the door put the beam on his cap,
His niggas flipped out they gon dip ASAP,
Say bitch ima rider and you know i stay straped,
I've been lookin for these hoes for a week,
Sun up sun down no sleep,
When I see ima let em have the heat,
Hope them hoes hungry cause they just found beef,
I'm fixing ta find where these motherfuckers chill,
Then ima letem know what the deal is,
In the car six deep loadin up steel,
bout ta let them boys know that we for real.


When we dip around the corner with them chaps im back down and up bout ta take on the block,
I don't give a damn bout no mothafucking cops they strapped, we strapped, fuck nigga lets rock, lets rock
Now they see that the clique of the chain cause we hangin out the window with them thangs and they aint,
let it rain god damnit let it rain,
When i leave this bitch ima leave the strip FLAMED.
Niggas get to cappin like they vets we dont walk up on they set, we aint showed them shit yet,
When we bust everybody gets scared(gets scared)
Matta' fact where all my gorrillaz at,
Yes sir its the hurricane tuck, a nigga whos got something that will discipline a busta.
Yall run, we rush
Yall talk, we bust

[Chorus X2]

There dey go
There dey go
Stop the car bout to walk up to they door
There dey go
There dey go
Stop the car bout to walk up to they door
Bring ya AK's
Bring ya AK's
Got the killaz outside with them thangs
Bring ya Ak's
Bring ya AK's
Got the killaz outsidewith them thangs
Chyuh Chyay

[Chorus X2]
(That's what that is)