We tigers

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Hey kids lets pick up sticks lets make a sound of our own
all dogs invited if everything feels wrong then we need a little bangin goin on.
123 arms (weapons) for the trees self seekers vomiting doubts
I changed all your words but my poltergeist conccurs that words arent even necessery right now

but im a noisy singer singing out a dinner but dinners are much stranger now

everyone is morphing...Everything is morphing

Tigers tigers...Crawl out
katy did it katy did it...Crawl out....
oagers oagers oagers crawl out

ive felt worse but i feel the curse of knowing what i shouldnt be
dont know where well go but lets walk around and pretend to own houses we see
kiss for a kiss, love change for chips, rules; but i though you and i?
remember you young duck you crashed at my apartment you kept me up and made me smile

Now im a noisy singer singing out a dinner....

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