We Want In

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[Talkin: Str8]
... All my real niggaz da wait is ova
Let's go (yeaah)
Uh uh ah uh
The real shit u been waitin on is finally back
All da hataz, hate a dick man (uh huh)
Ya'll already kno... C'mon (C'mon)

[Verse: Str8]
From the backa errbody mine
And on the tipsy errbody tongue
Ya'll kno wat it is
Getcha gun
Just some niggaz with a couple hundred niggaz
I be slung
Dis is where dey left a nigga
So we get it out da slum
One go got it in your mouth (we get it out your club)
All I need is sum fire N dem plastic (in them sum)
I'm already on fire
Don't pass me no lighta
IDI heat it up
All I need is a beat like this
And then I'm gon eat it up
Time taker so we gettin to da chips
22 on dem talkin but I'm wishin on dem six
Yea I'm blessed but ma belly want mo (mo)
Makaveli in ma dream say nigga get your doe (doe)
So we grind like no 2morrow
Da protocol pant flash str8 I die
And kno u gon ball still spendin money
We still arise is all eyez on us

I need the Rock A Fella money tell Jigga (WE WANT IN)
I need that cash money paper tell Baby (WE WANT IN)
I need that DTP money tell Luda (WE WANT IN)
I need that Grand Hustle gwup tell TIP (WE WANT IN)
I need that Cooperate Thug doe tell Jeezy (WE WANT IN)
I need that Aftermath paper tell Dre (WE WANT IN)
You been officially weightin
Now is out turn to weight

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