What Can I Say?

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You're fakin'
I'm shakin'
Whats going down around me
You can't stop
I won't stop

'cos I've been down that road before
and I wanna tell you now
that it never stopped me

What can I say, what can I do?
Can't be the same as when I was a part of you.
All we did was fight, it was black and white
if never means forever it's something I can't change
don't think I can change

You make me
so crazy
pinned down by all your bullshit,
it's getting harder, much harder
cos I've been down that road before, and it never stopped me


And I look around, whose laughin' now?
I'm the cloud that blots away the sun,
I might be lost in life, but I wont pretend
'cos I'm left here with,
the smoking gun

{Musical interlude}

You're fakin'
I'm shakin'
Whats going down


What can I say?
What can I do?

Autor(es): Jason Singh / Tim Wild