Bob Schneider


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That Jackie she's as roller coaster
She'll throw you off the track
She takes you for a ride
And leaves you just like that
She says she's going places
If only it were true
She just goes round in circles
Trying to make her dreams come true

Henry he's a butman
Contradicting everything he says
Never getting to the point
Just wasting away his days
Had a job in Pasadena
Got lost along the way
Now he's holed up in Montana
Waiting for a better day

What it all comes down to
When you see the light
Is everybody's got the right
To be exactly what they like

Michelle she's a rowboat
And she sails amongst the stars
Her head's all full of cotton candy,
Coke and candy bars
She dreams of distant shores
As she's gliding through the night
She likes to make love to Bob Marley
When she's higher than a kite

And Jan well he's a legman
Mostly legs and not much heart
Not much body not much brass
Mostly wasted & torn apart
If you can roll it he can smoke it
He mostly listens to the dead
Hasn't had a job in years
It's hard to get him out of bed

Billy's he's a cannonball
Rips right through the crowd
He's got bulletproof immunity
He says, "look who's laughing now"
But he sounds just like a doberman
And dresses like a superstar
He's forgotten what his dreams were made of
But he drives a fancy car

Chala she's a lollipop
A sweet & sticky mess
She doesn't give a damn though
And she always does her best
To walk the straight and narrow
When she wants to get her way
She's all perfume, smiles and ice cold
Seven-up and tanqueray

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