Paul Colman

What'cha Running From?

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It's amazing what you find
When you ask a simple question and then you take the time
To listen before you speak
You take a little interest in the people that you meet

What'cha running from?
What'cha running to?
What'cha running from?
What'cha running to?

How you doing friend well you know I'm just fine
Could be a picture of the truth or a pocket full of lies
And we don't know what's going on behind
But everything that's hidden finds it way into the light

Stop looking for a box to try to put me in
I'm just a pilgrim on the road who's been forgiven of his sin
Apart from the stories I'm the same as you
We're all held together by the same kind of glue
I just want to know what's really going on
So tell me what you're thinking and what's your bottom line?
Was everything created or did it just explode?
Some eternal purpose or to the dust we go?

It's amazing how many hearts
Fill their lives with something that'll never make it past
This old earth and all that's set to fade
People looking to the stars not the hands where they were made