Fucked Up

What Could Have Been

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A man takes his seat by himself he stares at his plat life has taken a bite i want to cry or just cry out wanting to speak but i dont even try so we go on our way to wind down the days what is it that makes life this way?
I will leave you alone as i leave alone what could have been had i not kept to my own?
There is a woman i see every week on teh street i think of the life we could have if id speak we dont say a word lovers who will never meet i have to live out my life in my sleep walking around in a cage every day what is it that makes life this way?
Im just a simple man whos lost his way hoping that ill find real life one day shrinking through life never making a sound who will hear us when we fall to the ground?
A shile at last as my head hits the floor i dont have to live like this anymore.