What Else Could it Be?

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It's the bad way you feel today brush the dog as you
Walk away oh ther it is baby, you know that they feel
The same

But they wave as you turn away got your mind but you
Cannot stay sooooobaby you say what...high

As stragne as it feels today i better die it's the same any
Thought of you the sweet sweet soul...yeah yeah it's a
Man in a winter mood something about you (stop) baby
(stop) da da (dah) da da (stop) da da da

Oh fell the breeze our soul you see 'em saying ohhhh
Baby they are saying...feel good just a storm is your
Heart try to raise some understanding see me standing
They are stone...gone

Is a problem we see today californ...california it's the
Way that you will be sorry, sorry is a man as he will be
Sorry sorry (stop) baby (stop) da da (stop) da da (stop)
Da da da da

Autor(es): Kurt Wagner