Whatever The Heart Desires

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Now every time I think of you just before I sleep
I see you in my dreams and we get to speak
And then everything goes black for a little,
You whisper a little, my lips get a little dry

I was lost and found just to end up lost again
I’m clinging on to you so I can understand
But then you turn down all the lights for a little,
I die just a little, you tell me a little lie,
we’ll be crashing in any given time

So baby come on
Can you take me higher
No one knows
Now which one of us has started this fire?

So come on
Will you take me higher
Don’t you know
Sometimes you gotta give to your heart
Whatever your heart desires

I held the cards and I knew just what to do
I feel like a pilgrim when I’m next to you
And I don’t care that this won’t be forgiven,
I just keep on giving, I’m giving every single time

The lights came on and they were all dressed in red
That’s when i saw your naked leaning on my bed
You asked me “now where is the center?”,
you wanted to enter, to ease my restless heart,
I could hear it slowly tearing apart

So come on
So come on
And I kept dreamin’ of you.

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