Barry White

Whatever we had we had

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As the world turns from day to day
As we live we have to make decisions
And when we make those decisions
Things don't always turn out the way
We'd like them to or want them to
No matter what we feel or what seems real things change
We don't have a crystal ball to look into
To know what our fututre is going to be
Or what it gonna be
You meet someone
You care for that someone, you love that one
We made plans, we planned for so many things
Life has always been that way
So you must understand how I feel when I say we've had
our run
Good times, sad times, the fun times, the bad times
We should always remember
Thet we started as friends, there's no reason
We shouldn't end as friends
So whatever we had, we had

Whatever we had, we had
Whatever we had it's over , over now

But there's something that we did that I'll always, always be thankful for
Together we created a very special life and that's why I'am
Saying to you...


And I know that we'll both be right
As long as we live life to its fullest
Because it doesn't really matter now
Who's right or wrong
Just live, be happy
You'll find someone, somewhere
Believe me, please believe me

We could have worked harder
But who knows
We went as far as we could go
But whatever we had, we had
We'll always be friends
And for that I'm so glad
But whatever we had, we had

Gone are the days
They seem so many years away

Autor(es): Barry White / Michael Lovesmith

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