What Grows Inside

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Come on in, step inside
Embrace yourself when there's nothing to gain
And you will realize
Why my life's on the line and I can't take any more
A circle of demons around my soul
Taken down and looking cold

Can you turn back to me in your darker days
Crush into my soul and leave me
Alone in your mysterious ways
I know it's much too late, too late I can't escape
It takes my breath away
It's growing deep inside, but now I will rise!
Misfortune stays the same but I will abstain

I've been seeking my fortune for so long
I've been living on the edge, until the time has come
But someday you'll see, I'm surrounded by the pain
Can't find the words no more, it's so hard to explain
See the scars on my face, can't you see what I mean
Don't blame yourself for breaking me
As these words were made of deceit