John Frusciante

What I Saw

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There's one room
There's one light
There's one night
In the fire
In the pain
In the wire
This from me
This one lie
That seems right
Time cant climb
It cant be
It cant see
I see to be bright
I fall down tonight
I go to hell to be what I see
Falling again is such a welcome end
can the end of today be more than tonight
Echoes of these far reaching sights
Stuck with the pain of knowing you should have tried
Give me your hands
And wel'll never die
This love song
It sits wrong
It means jack
The time's right to be wrong
All night long
I feel good
I feel so far away
This is mine
It could be anyday
I saw what I saw
I call up a man
Distance is what gets me right in
I had a hand in everyone losing their place
Never must stop
It's stealing my heart
A moment to squeeze begging on its Knees
I know I'll never be right beyond tonight
Give me your hands
And we'll never die

Autor(es): John Frusciante

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