What Is This?

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This is Everlast (6x)...

Step up while I inject an overdose of intallect
An overload of my vibrations better yet a new sensation
I was lost but then he found me no corruption dissed around me
I was taken to a higher, level of funkdifia where souls of men were burned
They were taught but did not learn about the ricious laws of God
Who threw the seeds over the side, takin' roots and tryin' to grow
Though the process might be slow please stay with my question

What is this? (This is Everlast) (5x)...

[Scratch] Wha wha what wha what is thi wha what is this? (2x)...

Not speakin' on my physical, mental or my horror
I'm speakin' on my soul for the burn would beat you whore
There's no such thing as love of your life, it's the hands of the God
So don't treat his ricious laws with blatant disreguard
In order to follow the Lords path here is what you must do
Do onto each of your brothers as you have done to you
This golden rule is all you need and you'll be rewarded
The man that don't will pay the price and believe me you can't afford it

This is Everlast
What is this? (This is Everlast) (3x)

[Scratch] wha what wha what is is thi this?

This is for the one-two war of over who's God is the right one
Can it be the Asian one, the black one or could it be the white one
The answer to the question isn't controversial
There is only one God and his love is universal
If you sit in great redemption all you need to do is ask him
Then you will be both prepared for a life that is Everlasting
So take heed to the word's I'm sayin', grab a good book and get hip
To the teachings of the holy coral or the Bible's holy scripture

What is this? (This is Everlast) (5x)...
What is this? (This is Everlast) (4x)...
Who is this? (This is Everlast) (2x)...
WHAT IS THIS??!! (This is Everlast)

Autor(es): Everlast