Ben Colder

What Is Youth

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A whole bunch of kids with real long hair
Standin' throwin' rocks at the town square
Might be fun but I don't think it's fair
Cause they call me the town square
Sure was different back when I was a kid
Some of the mean things that I did
The old man took down the razor strap
And he'd say Ben bend over my lap
Then the lonely voice of youth cried awow that is truth

You can't even whistle at a girl anymore
It could be a boy and he might get sore
Then again he might not you can't ever tell
Some of them fellers are really swell
They travel a lot and they're really hip
Seems they're always takin' a trip
Bet there's a lot of pretty country to see
Ridin' around in an LSD
And the lonely voice of truth cries what is youth

[ guitar ]
I saw a young man sittin' on the witness stand
And the man with the book said raise your right hand
Not that right hand you're other right hand
The young man on the stand didn't understand
The judge said son do you solomonly swear
Said I swear I can't hear you on account of my hair
Really it was long as a horses tail
But I guess that's the US male
And the lonely voice of truth cries what is youth

[ guitar ]
Heck I went to college for quite awhile
They say I made straight A's in wild
Guess I was a little bit slow
I flunked protestin' two years in a row
Couldn't learn to speak the language of the kids in town
I'd say burn it up instead of burn it down
Even used pot to wipe out my head
But I used the one that was under the bed
And the lonely voice of truth cried
What are youth doin'
Youth are my friends youth and youth but not himth

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