Odd Crew

What I've Become

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Turning the pages back surprised of what I feel
Sorrow, commitment, pride and lost
Sometimes my words I've spoken, failing to explain
Still can't deny the path I've run

I... What I've become?

Not once I've tried to turn my back on who I am
Ending the same place that I left
I feel my world is sinking, dying with my faith
Fading the image of my face

I... What I've become?

Deeper my self-frustration turns self-doubt to fear
Grinding the last what's left of my self-judgment
What have I become, I, what have I become, I...
What've become?

Can't bear those ruins of memories - facing what I've lost
Finding myself as lonely as you'd find me
Now that I've become, I, What have I become, I...
What've become?
What, I've, what I've become?