The Riot Before

What I've Missed

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The window's a mirror when the sun is a light bulb
There's some beer in the fridge it'll help take the edge off
But if the last one was emptied out last night
Then it's a block through the rain to a well lit corner store
An ambulance wail undulates in the distance
Does not reveal the direction it travels
Will it get further away
Or drive right down this street
My scenery built with
A stranger's tragedy
And I tragically

Try to fight for the cause but then marry the martyr
Is that statue that stands in the park a celebrity
If so does it get its own groceries
Just like me
Does it forget the list
And then get lost in the isles
Walk in circles aimless
Looking for what it has missed
There's something I've missed

So I'll put on my shoes
Grab my hat and my coat
Turn off all the lights
Turn the locks and walk alone
Passed the houses, and storefronts, and streets
By all the people I'll never get to know
Till I stop at your front door
I hope that you are home

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