Bone Brothers

What's Freinds?

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You said you'd it's saddening. And all the time, you just pretend, to be my friend (My friend).

-Krayzie Bone-
Nigga, get your hands up out my fuckin' pockets before I cock this AK-4-7 and rott your body/ I put 6 plottin,' niggas don't think I'm watchin'/ Got 'em in my scope, they say "Keep your enemies in focus. Watch 'em closely." Niggas'll tell ya they rollin' 9 times out of 10/ It's only cause of the money, man/ And that can be a dangerous thing/ 'Cause when you play with the paper, Krayzie go loco-insane/ My nigga, I just let you hate; So quit tellin' motherfuckers you my brother, nigga 'cause I just done met ya/ So don't play it too close, keep your distance 'cause I'll split ya for tryin' to infiltrate mine/ Whip out my nickel plate nine; These niggas ain't no friends of mine/ Niggas get drunk and tell ya they love you, twenty five times in one night, next thing you know niggas is kickin' in your door for your life/ Got your wife and your kids in your crib; This yo' shit/ We see you was fuckin' around with them suckers, and you started trustin' them motherfuckers/ Nigga, don't you know? You can't trust no one at all 'cause that one might be the one to get you, bring you down, make you fall

What's friends? I want need no more friends/ What's friends? I don't want no more friends, I can't take no more friends, because they always end up backstabbing in the end

-Layzie Bone-
I done seen some strange shit, ain't fin to explain shit/ Don't act like you don't understand this, like you be some lame shit/ I read it all in your conversation, you think I done pin your playa hation/ Got a nigga thinkin' "Mo' Murda" when I face 'em, put 'em on down with a real situation/ Take 'em, nigga, just how we take 'em, dog/ Nigga, what's seen is what's saw/ Nigga, we still is what's raw/ It's all real (Real...) You haters is goin' to piss me off so I'll kill (Kill...) Nigga, we comin' to break you off/ Nigga, break you off something proper, proper/ You used to be my nigga, now I might have to watch ya/ Ghetto bird snitchin' like a helicopter/ So, when you see me comin' dog, I might have to pop ya, pop ya


-Bizzy Bone-
Ride or die... Ain't nuthin' wrong, we're ready to get the battle on/ And Ride or die... Ain't nuthin' wrong, I'm ready to get my battle on/ You my acquaintance, so what am I 'posed to do? I'm gettin' closer to the Angel of Death fuckin' wit chu/ I don't make promises, promises, so how could I owe you? You not a kid, so I won't hold you/ Carry a load, I only fuck with soldiers/ 7 Sign ride, roll 'em on over/ East Double 9, Double Glock; Bone clique no colder/ Beef with niggas I'm trippin', I'm just ready to pop the clip in/ Let me fall back in line, ha ha...
Bone Thug connect gang. Bone Thugs forever!


Autor(es): S. Howse