What's Happenin' Out Here

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Yes, and at this time I would like to give a big
I mean a very very big round of, fuck you
To you hoe ass niggaz, out here swooping on that bitch
Afilliated playas, representing

Now real is real, and fake is fake
Just follow my guidelines, don't make the same mistakes
They say blood's thicker than water, but how thick is your blood
Is it thicker than the mud, that I'm made of
I could give ya love, would you die for me
Will you always be around, like when ya get high with me
Or could it be, that I am crazy
To be all I can be, for my worst enemy
Deceive me, 3-2 and my partna Mafio
It's so fa sho, bout to knock down the do'
Today is fold, like my baby bro
Who put the light up on me, for my high pro glow
I'm so fa sho, whether it's stage or studio
A pot of gold is for me, at the end of the rainbow
Ain't no game hoe, see I'm serious bout mine
And in 199'grind, it's my time to shine
I'm lyrically inclined, to put boys to shame
And as time passes, all y'all gon scream my name

[Hook x2:]
Man, what's happening out here
See these niggaz, putting shit up in y'all ears
We switching game, like niggaz switch gears
We on the grind, with blood sweat and tears

[Mr. 3-2:]
What's happening out here, too much capping out here I ain't having this here
It's just me my fifty caliber, and it's no man I fear
I never thought shit, would get so funny
My partna left a free world, with cocaine and money
He wasn't tripping, but you know how niggaz do
You go to jail, mentality of hoe niggaz is fuck you
They run off with your paper, and your cheese
Cash in off your profit, and play broke on the streets
The game go deep, nigga why the fuck you think I'm bulletproof
I ain't just running round here trying to cap, baby I speak the truth
Now raise the roof, when we're flossing in the dropper baby
My motto is fuck you nigga, cause God made me
And that's the only war, that I gotta answer to
Mr. 3-2, quit that bumping cause I'ma do you
From the very first time, I hear you talking down
Set an example off the top, and let you know it's H-Town nigga

[Hook x2]

[Big Steve:]
Man I feel a whoop, coming on
Times of the times, got Mafio gone
Something is telling me, leave these fools alone
So I stay high, still riding in my zone
I break bread with these niggaz, say they love me
Even though sometimes, friends wanna bust me
The old change, that I owe boys in the game
I never knew, bout these loot whores in the game
Stealing change, out the back seat of my car
Cause they know, Mafio sell big bar
In the jug or prescription, or baby jar
See me chopping up the blocks, in a foreign car
Me and my gang afilliates, we roll candy red
And that's for Fat Pat, bitch now turn your head
See I'm locked in the game, like Corleone
Nigga I ride for ya baby, till ya come home
Strapped with .45 chromes, me and 3-2
Wrecking shop with Big H.A.W.K., bitch we killing you
And I'ma leave you motherfuckers, on that note
Man what's happening out here, bitch I'm cut throat

[Hook x2]

Autor(es): ,3-2, Big Steve