What's In a Name

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Some say all roads lead to the same end
Some say live and die and live again
I think I'm talkin' 'bout my generation
Just a few small lines for your contemplation

But, oh yeah
You say it again now
You say it means nothing
What does that mean?
Sometimes nothing has the taste
Of everything in its mouth

What's in a name
It's all the same
A primitive give
To a primitive gain
All that I ever wanted
Was the cool, cool rain
To ease my pain

I tried all my life but
I just couldn't get right
I needed a little bit
of the infinite insight
I had a funky rhythm, but
I just couldn't step right
My load was so heavy that
I just couldn't get light
My color so strong that
I just couldn't see white
so far away, that
I just couldn't touch Christ
I was dark and deep,
but the living was so bright

I feel the need to bring it all back to me
To see the world and man philosophically
I fall down beneath the load of my own vanity
A planet full of people,
and the people confusing me

Autor(es): Chris Scott