What's In The Basket

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Times square killer
horrible fucker - Stays hidden from sight
in its wicker basket - it will abide
searching for the doctors - who cut them in twine
duane and belial - revenge will be thine

Saved by his little brother
who pulled him from the trash
needleman ripped them apart and disemboweled
ready to exact their revenge

By brutish deformed hands
he is clobbered and torn in half
screaming in disbelief
then pounded into ground beef
hauling around the basked
containing his killer twin
nobody has any idea
of the terror contained within

Nobody allowed to gaze inside
to see his brother

Kutter asked what is in the basket
belial jumps out and starts the bloodshed
rip out her tongue
and litter her faces with scalpels
dont think she will make any more housecalls

Hotel broslin is where the basketcase dwells
shady motel that reeks and smells
the little pervert enters the prostitutes room
fondling her big fat titties
the woman screams at this eerie sight
he takes the panties and runs outside
the hotel is in a state of chaos
while they figure out what the hell it was

Basketcase shredding solo

Deformed freak screams anger
as he revels in gore
never will these evil doctors
hurt him nomore
duane leaves his little brother
to go on a hot date
while belial is left alone with this hate
enraged and berserk little angry mutant freak
destroying the room - as he yells and shrieks
belial tried to talk but duane didnt listen
so he read his mind
and jealousy overtakes him
spreadeagled she lies on the big cozy bed
her big luscious titties
and pussy colored dark bloody red

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