Above the Weak

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The preach the rules of love and peace
Begging in the dust on knees
If you’re forever banned from heaven
Your debts cannot be forgiven
Hell awaits you for your sin
But earthly life will make you king!

Rise above the weak, find the focus of your hate
Then you will defeat the rulers of your fate!
Rise above! Fight the weak!
Rive above! Fight the weak!

Be the blacksmith of your fortune
No one needs your absolution, no!

A carpenter you follow blind
With charity just on your mind
It is you who leads this life
Don’t hesitate to stand and fight!
Be the one you would not live
Ignore the rest and stand above!

You have to choose your way of life
You can choose between darkness and fight
Make your choice tonight
And see darkness shine so bright!
Come on and follow me!