What The Water Gave Me

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I drank the beast within
I drank him down so deep
He got so thin
And then the beast within
He learns to swim
And so i cannot win
Drink up, drink in

These things have come to pass

The trees have grown from seeds
They’re planted in my feet
They crack my bones
My spine becomes a branch
To bend, not break
So bend me back again, again, and then

The life will come to pass
My dull face in the dark

I dared to heal and soon
I soon forgot to feel
The lights were on
But everything was gone
The beast he screams
He begs upon his knees for me to run

I run into his arms
And i have come to pass

I had to let him out
Just once it was enough
To take the doubt
And turn it into truth
The beast was free
So guilty i will plea

His hands among the stars
Each one will come to pass

The damage caused was great
My love has turned to hate
I beg for death
But sleep will never come
I curse the sun
The beast and i are one

My life has come to pass
My dull face in the dark
My life has come to pass
I run into the dark