What They Been Waitin' For

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You see the shoes, right?
You like the way I walk
I got a clue, right?
I hear the people talk
And what I'm saying is:
What you hatin for?
You know who it is
What you been waitin' for?
What you been waitin for, wha-what you been waitin for? [x3]
I know who it is,
What they been waitin' for?

I got my horns wit' me
I got my drummers drummin'
It's your boy Diggy
Go 'head and give me suttum' (somethin')
See what the problem is:
I'm actually kinda dope
Not like an average kid
I bet that's what you probly hope
They say I'm quote unquote coming from the rich folks
But that's my pop's bread,
But I can spit though
Because I'm young and articulate, very different
Content's mature; Even the old heads diggin' it
They can't distinguish it
Crazy the way I'm spittin it
Age don't even be fittin it
Greatness is all I linger in
That young prodigy bringin the havoc
And I don't need no deep mob to be the baddest
Or for the status **
My apparatus status, style on gratis;
It's free
In case you're Spanish, it's me
The little manager, see
I'm growing up right in front of your eyes
Yea, I what they been waitin for
It's no surprise

Of course on any given Sunday
They would think I'm gleamin'
Like really beamin'
But still dope on Monday
They always underestimate,
But all I do is elevate lyrically
With each line I rhyme; Make my craft
I accelerate
With my dream, I took it upon myself to make it escalate
Known as the little nigga on the mic
That's always goin' (hey)
Formally known as the kid from the show
That someone love and hate
Then I messed around and gave you
Oh! That First Flight mixtape?
So what they been waitin for is the sequel to it
And a day
So I'm presentin' that "borne"
Comin' soon to 'vacuate

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