Prince Paul

What U Got (the Demo)

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[H] Hello good mornin
[B] Girl I know the dawnin clear skies did arrive
just to honor the persona of my boo
[H] What are you smokin?
[B] Listen to this and a joke, and you're so funny
[H] What happened, no money? What do you need?
[B] What do you mean?
[H] The corny compliments, you playin with my
Fuck around the consequence be dialtone

Watch it now, yo I'm just like hey what's the deal
But you want some steady [click]
Wait a minute girl, this nigga got a call
Hello (Who dis?) This Tariq, who dis?
(Dis Niecy, where Tru at?) He stepped out
(Well you tell that worthless pathetic deadbeat
Ohh, yo, yo, not for nuttin yo, I'm on, I'm on the
other line
Sorry Tam

[H] Sorry damn right Tariq
[B] Might I speak?
[H] State your claim, rather state your game
Have your fuckin fun
[B] What I done? You're sort of grimy

From caller ID, you with Tru shit
No surprise (so?) Gimme the lies
What's the new shit, his grandmother died again? Give
my love
He got through a accident, oh my God, are you okay?
You got abducted on some X-Files shit from up above
Whatever the fuck, I ain't callin your job, nope, no
(I guess you know it all) Yo listen, I don't know
Except I'm gettin sick and tired of helpin y'all
niggaz frontin
On the real, them people at your job done heard it
You gonna get fired Tariq [click]

Ho-hold up girl, I gotta get this call - hello?
(Aiyyo whassup it's Trey Bag, let me speak to the
What's the deal yo (yo yo yo) Yo he kinda busy yo
(I gotta pay the rent son, I gotta speak to the God)
I think he just stepped out (Knahmsayin you got my
money right?)
Oh he definitely just stepped out (RIGHT?!)
Oh his mom on this other call, yo peace one love
Okay you half right, I'm callin you to call my job
But girl this here's the last

[H] Right, the last time, that's what you said the
last time
Tariq you gotta stop playin
[B] Look here, that's what the fuck I'm sayin
Girl f'real I'm workin on some big shit
[H] So what'chu sayin?
[B] I ain't sayin a word, I ain't tryin to jinx it
[H] So you fixed it
[B] Tammy trust me, it's somethin like an interview
[H] For more money?
[B] No doubt
[H] But wait a minute - why I'm callin in for Tru?
[B] It's like a hookup with his peoples
[H] I done heard some stories 'bout your boy
Tariq is this shit legal?
[B] Love this shit is all legit but check it out I
gotta go
[H] You gotta know by now, I'd do anything for your
stupid ass
[B] I know that girl, good lookin, f'real
[H] But yo, this best be the last time

[singers x4]
Someone's callin on my phone, someone is ringin my

[singers x4]
Someone is ringin my bell

Autor(es): P. Smith / Prince Paul

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