What Was

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To have a last look behind
For our people ther is no remain to be saved
Just burn everything behind us, bored that we are to be imprisoned, to be humiliated

Concreted in their "god business" civilisation,
Their deeds are criminal, sly and smelless
Programmed from their birth with their own rules,
Human beings are trapped in an illusion of freedom

Since we'll never live anymore in the prairie
With women and children, as we are tied by their morals
Since we'll never live anymore in the forest
As we did before, as we are punished by their laws

Masters of this scientocratic world
Sealed their supremacy by creating philosophy,
Democracy and christianity
They settled the limits of good and evil
And kept people in this part of the universe
Bastards, rats, wicked!

We could have been quiet men, working in the fields for the prosperity of our families,
We could have been happy in a city inhabited by people having the faces of our culture,
But today we wear the mask of death and Cernu's antlers trimm our heads

The door opens and we jump into the flames of hell,
We go forward and kill side by side, as the brothers that we are,
We'll fight up to the last for the spirit of our tribe, never fade in the night,
We go forward and kill side by side, as the brothers that we are,
We'll never give up this fight!

May the connection happen
Let the soul of our ancestors flow in us
May we poor their destructive fury
May our earth be covered with a red ocean, and nothing survive
May we impale their gods and their descendants
May our screams destroy their temples
May our reign come back
We're the children of the forest
We are Cernu's sons
We're their demons
We're their evil
And we are their pain

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