Colour Revolt

What Will Come Of Us

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All them vultures circle me
Like a ton of bricks might fall on me
If God is good why can't I be?
No, I can't answer that
Birds are circling the sun
Having all the tricks and fun
If we are good and they are dumb
Then what will become of us?

All them vultures, all them wings
Like all them people and their wings
If they all turn and walk towards me
No, I can't see you like that
Turn your nails into my skin
Let it itch and burn and grin
If you are evil, I am sin
No, I can't see you like that

When we pluck out all your wings
Break 'em off to hear that ring
If we are born to hear that ring
Then I can answer that

When that light it turns on you
Tell me what you plan to do
If we are rings inside the pews

No I can't see yo like that
I can't see you like that
I am the better man