Vision of Disorder

What You Are

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Arms of the innocence
Arms of deliverance
Mouths of forgiveness
Tongues of ignorance
Let your minds lead the way
Be yourself and you shall find

It's gonna be a long hard road
And to wherever you roam
Look for me under red sky

Feed the fire with a flame
Be yourself but don't abstain
We're all free, all the same
Prosper and live, prosper and gain
I know that nothing's perfect
I feel that we're connected
To you I can give
Through me, well, you can live

I feel like I never have before
And I think that I'll survive
To walk a million endless nights

Introspection - what you are
Dig in deeper - to see what you are
What you are and what you could become
'cause we're not living in a world that's giving
It's only matter of fact
That we can all just extract
So if you decide to explode
Look to me, not yourself, come to me

Start a new beginning
Stop your wasted dreaming
Life is too short for questions
That don't provide the answers

Autor(es): Vision of Disorder

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