Jennifer Nettles

What you signed up for

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What if I stopped?
What if I quit?
What if I just threw up my hands and walked out on this shit?
Would you even know what you were missing?
Would you want to take back those times you talked and talked and talked and never listened?

What if I left all my ghosts in the past?
What if I just grabbed my guitar and walked out on your ass?
Would you then regret all the things that you said?
Would you stop opening your mouth before you engage your head?

Oh, Did you forget who you're dealing with
Cause I'm the Queen of in between just throwing it back and throwing a fit
Look at the board and let's check the score
That's one for me and none for you, oh yes it's true
Look what you signed up for

What if I get tired tired of playing grown?
What if just turned on my heels took my ball and went home?
Would you then stop playing the game just to win it?
Learn we don't want you as Captain. We just want you to play in it?

And they wonder why women just want to pack up and leave
It's cause we're given too many grievances and no permission to grieve
So as far as I'm concerned it's time for me to go
So if you want me you can write me and the town that you can find me's called "Kiss My Ass, Mexico"

Oh, did you forget who you're dealing with?
Cause I'm the girl that holds the world between a downing cradle and a raging fist
Oh, if you want to settle the score, well pack a lunch and bring an army
What a ride
Look what you signed up for?

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