Ten Foot Pole

What You Want

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Is there something you should
Tell me? is there something i
Should know? i guess i thought that you were happy
But your eyes tell me. . .

Was the attention all that
You needed? did we miss your
Silent cries? is it too late
To try? who do you want to
See? who did you want to be? is it too late? can you tell
Me what you want? can you
Tell me what you need? i
Can't read your mind but
Would i understand if i
Could? i can't tell you what
You want i can't tell you
What you need i can't read
Your mind but would i
Understand if i could? i see
Something in your eyes
Exactly what i can't tell and

I'm still listening exactly
Why i don't know can you feel it? can you find it? well i can't take it and i can't fake it anymore

Autor(es): Dennis Jagard / Steve VonTreetrunk