Evie Karlsson

When All Is Said And Done

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When the many gurus of this world are gone
And when rock and roll's produced it's final song
Memories of Hollywood are gone since long
Yes, when all is said and done, Christ is Lord.

When the armies of the world have stopped their war
And the game of politics has run its course
No one is around to be a nuclear force
When all is said and done, Christ is Lord
Christ is Lord, He is Lord forevermore
Speak his name and worship him alone
join the team that is guided from his throne
For when all is said and done, Christ is Lord

In a very special time in point of history
A man was nailed to Calvary’s tree
He forever changed the course of mankind’s destiny
The Son of God died to set men free

So when the mighty US dollar lost its strength
And it doesn’t pay to trust in francs or yen
Not one banker tries to tell you he’s your friend
Yes, when all is done, Christ is Lord
When your days are done and you must travel on
To the unknown land where you have never gone
Leaving just a tombstone in the setting sun
Yes, when you are finally gone, Christ is Lord!

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