For All We Know

When Angels Refuse To Fly

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Virtue vs vice
Why won't you roll the dice?
Both available
I'll let you know my price
A dollar for a sin
That's hiding deep within
I see them through your skin
They're making you feel alive
Just like we have agreed
I'll bring you what you need

The prey is screaming for the predators attention

White lights are claiming my eyes from below
When angels refuse to fly
Looking back i know it began long ago
Can't you see how sorry i am?

I guess i never knew
What we're supposed to do
Searching high and low
Looking for the truth
We're moving underground
Systems are shutting down
But we are just too proud
To ease the pain
He's laughing during my confession
Father john, please stop mocking me
No reason for his discretion
I'll do my time in solitary

The more we give and take the more we break away from the norm
We're sick of dressing up, wake up! don't give a fuck anymore
The more we see the more we want the less we get of the ground
If this is progress we have passed the test. on to the next round!

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