When Darkness

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When darkness rises, hide from my sight
Cos my breath is death and my words of fire will burn you
When through darkness I wonder if you'll dare to hail me
Incantate unspeakable words to thy infernal deity

Then I close my eyes and hold my breath
I point my hands towards the sky and hail thy name
On this dangerous pathway, strength is requested
To brave drawing creatures crawling out of darkness

Now emerging from entrails of earth, evilish beauties surround me
Enlacing, embracing, love me to death, my heart is thumping

Now open you wide and hold your breath
I steal a tear from your eyes my pleasure's your pain

Feel me deep inside, faster and stronger
On your lips coming so hard sweating desire

Trickling bodies scent darken my mind
Now through shades you fade in the darkness

Now all has gone
Only smoke and blood remain