Kid Cudi


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Focus baby don't look at me
See right through me
Understand my heartbeat
Murmurs to mock your rhythm
Yeah, my nuts, the other girls want em,
But they can't have
At least for the moment
I'm with you there could be people around
I'm just focused on you
You can sip chardonnay and imma have myself a brew
I'm a country ass nigga baby
You know how I roll
Your face, never seen something more perfect
You dance in my mind like justice
I know you listening back like damn bro
Laid back so gentle like the violins
Late on he beat and we don't have to be discreet
Can I have a taste? absolutely!
Your my sweet tangerine lets make a smoothie
But baby our jokes aside
My heart beats faster when open your thighs
I'm just ready slide ride and glide

Whenever baby whenever baby whenever baby
Whenever however you want me girl you got me (wooh hoo hoo wooh hoo hoo)
Whenever however you want me boo it's me and you babe me and you (4x)