Angel Dust

When I Die

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How far is the world, in the end?
Is there a judge? who decides,
What is wrong and what is right?

Who'll be there, in the end?
Who'll be with me, to be without me?

Is there semething, behind the final curtain?
Will there be anyone, any memories?
When my time has come,
To pass the gate to all eternity

Who'll wait for me
To guide me over, into the unknown?

When i die and leave the world behind
When i die

Day after day, i followed the words
That say, i shall be modest and brave
And i sometimes wonder
How i can be so strong

Now here i stand, who'll hold my hand
How here i stand and wait

Now when your day has come
And all life has passed thru?
When memories fade away
And destiny becomes true
When judgement day has been reached
And it finally comes to an end
You'll come to your redemption
Or to pain that never ends!

Oh, i know there'll be no pain
'cos my soul is as white as snow

No one's there, to warm my hand
When it gets cold
An apparatus sound is reaching my ears
Bright neon light blinds my eyes

A dark veil setz slowly down on me
I go into the void

Autor(es): Angel Dust