When I Find My Baby

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I know the way that she thinks,
I know her habits and kinks.
I know the staff she’s all about.
I know the people she knows
At all the places she goes.
I know her up, down, inside out.
I know the needs that she’s got,
I know what gets the girl hot.
I know I’ve got the inside track.
And yeah, I know she’s upset –
Well, let her play hard-to-get.
‘Cause if I know one thing,
I’m gettin’ her back!

Because I know that girl!
I mean, I feel that girl!
I understand that girl!
And if I want that girl!
I’m gonna get that girl!
Ain’t gonna let that girl get away!
No way!
And when I find that girl,
I’m gonna kill that girl!
I’m gonna wham! Bam! Blam!
And drill that girl!
Won’t rest until that girl
Is safe and sound six feet below – no!
When I find my baby,
I ain’t lettin’ her go!

I bet wherever she’s at
I bet she’s trapped like a rat
And pacin’ up, down, ‘round
The floor. (sure, sure.)
I bet she’s startin’ to sweat.
That gir is buggin’, I bet.
Bet she’s got one eye on the door

(Tell us more!)
I bet she’s missin’ her gigs.
I bet she’s missin’ her booze,
I bet she’s tearin’ out her hair.
(Yeah, yeah!)
I bet she’s missin’ her fun,
And gettin’ ready to run.
And when she does,
You bet I’m gonna be there

Because you know that girl!
(I know her!)
You she right through that girl!
(See right through her!)
You understand that girl!
(I understand what I)
And when you get that girl,
(Have got to do to her)
You’re gonna waste that girl,
(‘Cause when I get her)
‘Cause you can’t let that girl
(Ain’t gonna let her)
Go and squeal. (squeal for real.)

I’m gonna shoot that girl!
(Shoot that girl!)
And then I’ll stab that girl,
(Stab that girl!)
And then I’ll take her
(Take her!)
And shake her,
(Shake her!)
And make her meet her maker!
(Meet her maker!)
Let ‘em hide that girl
(Let ‘em hide that girl!)
Sure as the tide, that girl
Will show – oh! (oh!)
When I find my baby,
I ain’t lettin’ her go!

Yeah, yeah.
Oh yes, I know that girl!
(Know that girl!)
And man, I need that girl!
(Need that girl!)
I gotta have that girl!
(Have that girl!)
So I can snuff that girl!
(Snuff that girl!)
If I know my baby! (ahhhh!)
She’s already runnin’! (ahhhh!)
That’s how my baby
Is gonna be done in!

I’m gonna drown that girl!
(Drown that girl!)
Or disembowel that girl!
(Disembowel that girl!)
Or give her skull a big dent
With a blunt instrument!
I tell ya, soon that girl
(Soon that girl)
Is lookin’ at a world of woe!

Wo, (wo, wo,wo!) wo, wo!
When I find my baby,
I ain’t lettin’ her go! (no!)
I know she ain’t gone too far! (oh!)
Go and check
Each discothecque,
Tavern and bar!
Go and find my baby –
(We’ll find your baby.)
‘Cause I ain’t lettin’ her go!
(Ah! Oh no!)
Oh no!

Autor(es): Alan Menken