Danny Michel

When I Get Out

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When I get out I'm running straight to you,
and taking you out like I used to do.
I've been counting the days, I've been stitching up plans,
And apparently now I'm a better man.
So let's ride till the sky turns blue,
there's just 13 days to you.

Well they taught me a trade and the ways of the Lord,
so I built a guitar and I learnt 4 chords.
'Cause that's all I need to sing to you.

When I get out I'm heading straight for you,
I've got some things I've been dying to do.
Show me the house where you were born,
and I'll kiss your face until my lips are worn.
And we'll sleep until the sun turns blue,
there's just 13 days to you.
I'm gonna grow my hair, I'm gonna run a bath.
I wanna just sit here and watch you laugh.
I'm gonna wash the car, I'm gonna cut the grass.

When I get out I'm gonna drop some bucks,
gas up the caddie come and pick me up.
I feel the blood flowing through my luck,
we're gonna drop the needle, gonna raise a cup.
We're going wild till the sky turns blue,
there's just 13 days to you.

There's a few more lines on your pretty face,
and there's a few more pounds 'round this old waist,
but that don't change you and me a bit.

But when I got out there was no one there,
no red caddie and no golden hair.
I got no cigarettes and no taxi fare,
just a slaughterhouse stench filling up the air.
I just cried... say it ain't true.
Now there's 100 days of blue,
there's 100 days of blue.

Autor(es): Danny Michel