Jason Boland

When I'm Stoned

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My baby loves me when I'm stoned
As long as I find my way home
No my baby she don't care
About the songs I sing or the clothes I wear
Loves a late night call on the telephone
My baby loves me when I'm stoned

She makes me see the picture
She makes me see red.
She puts me on a pedestal
Then messes with my head
She don't want me in and office
Or in a three piece suit
She'd rather see me in dirty jeans and boots


Every time that we're together she cuts all the slack.
Cause she knows I ain't myself until I knock a couple back.
It'll lead you life to ruin, take you to an early grave
At least that's what those people always say

Ain't never gonna leave that girl alone
My baby loves me when I'm stoned

Autor(es): Jason Boland

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