A capella

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Little boy, lift your head and carry on
We're gonna save your life
With an a cappella song
With a scooby scoob
And a bap chooiah
Little boy, you're gonna be just fine

Woolen hats
Ahhhh bap
Leather Straps
Ooo smile
Look on your face like you know Jesus personally

So what makes a cappella so cool?
Well, you only need your voice
And nothing else!

We don't need any drums
All we need is John
We don't need any trumpet
when we've got Tom
We don't even need an Uber app
We just bap
Open up
Take me home
Here it is, now stop.
That is a cappella to me.

Boodelooap x5
Everybody's wondering why we're singing
That's because they've never tasted
Nigerian soft drink
One sip and you never go back

Now, let's go fight those bullies
With a cappella's strongest weapon
It's the, 'we can do any style' trick
Come on
Come on
Yo yo yo
Gangsta man
My vocal cords
Is my gun.

Hey G-man
Come on the tour bus and live the dream life with us
(Oh sorry G-man, I want to stay here with the gang
I know it's a tough life, but it's my life)
Oh G-man, I hope you learned something today
(You bet! Don't worry about me now.)
I don't, I trust in you, you know a cappella now.
(I do?)
But hey, before I leave
Give me a style and an artist.
(Michael Jackson? Samba?)
You got it!